June 22 2018

Calling all interested parties: woodworking workshop

Calling all interested parties: woodworking workshop

Measures were taken to establish a community woodworking workshop in Rosemère.

A non-profit organization was created to facilitate the execution of this project, in partnership with the Town of Rosemère.

The workshop will mainly host two types of activities: (1) woodworking training provided within the framework of services offered by the Town every session, and (2), a freestyle workshop where participants can carry out personal projects under supervision.

Obviously, an annual fee or registration fees, as the case may be, will be charged (amounts to be established) to cover operating costs, i.e., insurance, renewable materials, etc.

We are therefore issuing a call to all interested parties in order to make this project a reality as quickly as possible. We are hoping to launch these activities by late summer.

Anyone interested in this project, either as a participant, volunteer or generous donator of equipment or materials is asked to contact: painchaud.fn@gmail.comiers

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