December 20 2016

Town of Rosemère's 2017 budget

 2017 budget: No increase in tax bills and creation of an infrastructure fund
ROSEMÈRE, Monday, December 19, 2016– At a special council meeting, the administration of mayor Madeleine Leduc adopted the Town of Rosemère’s 2017 budget of $29,364,800. Developed on the theme: Vision, Rigour, Determination at the Service of the Community, this budgetcalls for no increase on both residential and commercial taxes as well as various service rates. It also provides for the creation of a recurring infrastructure fund, with an injection of $1,175,000 in the coming year.   
"Driven by a commitment to strengthening Rosemère’s enviable position with vision, rigour and determination, my administration is pleased with this budget, which carries no tax impact for our citizens. Once again, we have succeeded in protecting their buying power,” stated Madeleine Leduc.  
No increase in tax bills and rates
The residential tax rate will be $0.5230 per $100 evaluation, as it was in 2016. Meanwhile, the real estate tax rate for merchants and industry will remain at the 2016 level of  $ 1.5797. This new budget also maintains the current rates for water ($175) and waste pick-ups ($300 for the residential sector and $430 for the commercial and industrial sectors).  
"My administration is especially proud of offering one of the lowest tax rates in the region while providing quality services.  In the process, we position Rosemère quite positively on the regional and provincial stage,” added Mayor Leduc.   
Infrastructure fund
As of 2017, the Town will establish a $1,175,000 recurring infrastructure fund, which will ensure the sustainability of Rosemère’s infrastructures while reducing the tax burden on future generations. It will be used to finance major investments in this field as well as allow us to consolidate the current generation’s gains for the benefit of future generations.     
Mayor Madeleine Leduc’s administration notes that reduced operating expenses resulting from the   firefighting agreement concluded with Blainville allowed the creation of this fund. In addition, Rosemerites will benefit from a rebate in the form of a special, non-recurring credit.  This rebate represents $52 for an average home with an evaluation of $416,100.    
Responsible investments for the community
In 2017, mayor Madeleine Leduc’s administration will be accelerating investments in the upgrading of municipal infrastructures such as the sewer and water systems ($4 million) as well as roads, curbs and sidewalks ($860,000). These investments also include improvements in the network of parks and green spaces ($2.4 million), in particular the development of "Place des jeunes” ($700,000) and the upgrading of the soccer playing field at Charbonneau Park ($700,000).     
In short, in 2017, a total of $11,537,000 will be invested in the quality of life of Rosemerites.    
"Our determination to control the Town’s operating expenses allows us to invest in a sustainable manner in the living environment enjoyed by Rosemère residents,” added Madeleine Leduc.  

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