Air conditioning units and heat pumps

Air conditioning units and heat pumps are authorized in secondary front yards, side yards and backyards only.

The level of noise emitted by a heat pump, air conditioning unit or pool filter must not exceed 50 dBA at the property line.


An air conditioning unit and a heat pump are authorized, as accessory equipment, in all "Housing (H)" usage classes.


The rear setback must be at least 6 metres and the side setback at least 3  metres. Installation is also permitted in the secondary front yard, provided it complies with a minimum set back of 3 metres from the easement and 6 metres from the back property line. In the case of row housing or attached or semi-detached housing, the side setback established is at 2 metres.

Without limiting the measures contained in the previous paragraph, the air conditioning unit or heat pump installed in the side yard or secondary front yard must be concealed by a protective screen such as an opaque fence, thick hedge or other form of vegetation ensuring that the equipment is not visible from the street.