Fire Safety

Bylaw on Outdoor Fireplaces in Rosemère

Portable fireplace

A permit is not required for portable equipment.
The Town recommends that a portable fireplace be located in such a way that the heat from it does not cause any harm to trees and that there be 2 metres of upward clearance to prevent fires from causing harm to others (dense smoke, sparks, etc.) and constituting a hazard.

Fixed outdoor fireplace

A permit is required for the installation of a fixed outdoor fireplace. To obtain a permit, fill out a permit application form, attach a copy of your certificate of location, indicate the planned location of the fireplace and provide the specifications of the fireplace you want to get or a sketch of what you want to build.

Allow approximately 2 weeks for the permit to be issued. Once it is issued, you have 3 months to proceed with the installation of the fireplace (if construction is involved, you have 3 months to start and 6 months to complete the work). Thereafter, the fixed fireplace cannot be moved without authorization.

With the actual heatwave and the current drought period, please pay more than just attention to the sparks!

For more information, we invite you to contact the Permits and Inspection Department by email (