Garden and Outdoors

Garden sheds

Garden sheds are authorized in side and backyards only.

Accessory buildings and structures are subject to the following general measures:

  • In all cases, a main building must be on a lot in order for an accessory building or structure to be installed.

  • Any accessory building or structure must be located on the same lot as the main purpose it serves.

  • An accessory building and structure cannot become a main building or main use unless it complies with urban planning by-laws.

  • Unless otherwise stipulated, a single accessory building or structure of each type is allowed on a given lot and must comply with other applicable standards, with the exception of porches, balconies and patios.

  • The total surface area of accessory buildings and structures must not exceed 20% of the surface area of the lot. Accessory buildings and structures included in this percentage are: detached garages, garden sheds, pools, patios, porches, balconies, hot tubs, sidewalks around pools, gazebos, pergolas, arbours and private greenhouses (does not include walkways, driveways and walkways at the front of the building).

  • An accessory building or structure must be installed outside a public utility easement.

  • No accessory building can have more than one storey and must at no time serve as an animal shelter.

  • The height of an accessory building must not exceed the height of the main building.

  • All accessory buildings and structures must be clean, well maintained and have no dilapidated or dismantled part.


A shed isolated from the main building is authorized, as an accessory building, for a single family home or duplex.

Maximum number

Only one shed can be put up on a lot.

Maximum surface area

The surface area of a shed must not exceed 14 square metres. However, the shed can have a maximum surface area of 17 square metres if the main building is a duplex.


  • The height of a shed must not exceed 3 metres. However, this height can be increased to 3.75 metres if the shed is built to fully respect the architecture of the main building.

  • The width of the shed must not be less than half of the depth, nor can it be greater than double.


  • The distance between an isolated shed and the property line must not be less than 1 metre. An accessory building’s projection on the ground must not be less than 0.6 metres from the property line.

  • The distance between an isolated shed and the main building must not be less than 3 metres.

  • A shed located less than 1.8 metres from the property line must not have an opening looking out on said property line.

Twinned sheds

Twinned sheds are permitted in the case of semi-detached buildings, provided their architecture and exterior covering materials are identical.

Uses, structures and buildings authorized in flooplain zones (recurrence : 0-20 years)

Building or putting up a shed or garage is authorized under the following conditions:

  • The accessory building must not have a foundation.
  • There must be no excavation and/or backfilling.
  • The accessory building must be placed on the existing ground, without anchoring, foundation, excavation and/or backfilling.
  • The total surface area of accessory buildings, including detached garage and shed, located in the floodplain, does not exceed 30 square metres.