Garden and Outdoors

Hot tubs

Hot tubs are authorized in secondary front yards, side yards and backyards only.

The total surface area of accessory buildings and structures must not exceed 20% of the lot’s surface area. Accessory buildings and structures included in this percentage are: detached garages, garden sheds, pools, patios, porches, balconies, hot tubs, sidewalks around the pool, gazebo, pergola, arbour and private greenhouses (does not include walkways, driveways and walkways at the entrance of the building).


Hot tubs are authorized, as accessory constructions, in all "Housing (H)" usage classes.

Maximum number

Only one hot tub per lot is authorized.


  • A hot tub’s side and rear setbacks must be at least 2 metres measured from the wall of the hot tub to the property line. In the event that there are underground public utility pipes (sewer, waterworks, electricity), the setback must be established from this easement.

  • The side and rear setbacks can be reduced to 1.5 metres for attached or semi-detached housing units. However, no structure such as decks and patios can encroach on this setback.

  • In the case of an aboveground easement, a hot tub must be installed in compliance with the setback established in paragraph a) without encroachment of the hot tub or its alternating structures in the easement.

  • No hot tub can occupy more than one third (1/3) of the surface area of the yard in which it is installed.


  • All hot tubs must include a rigid lid fitted with a lock to keep it securely closed and covering the entire hot tub when the latter is not in use.

  • Not with standing the above, when the hot tub is integrated in a building that makes it possible to limit access, the rigid lid is not required. However, any opening in this building’s wall must be more than 2 metres from any property line.