Traffic and Vehicles


On-street parking is prohibited at all times on every street.

Faillure to comply carries a fine.


Before undertaking construction or renovation work, obtain a permit from the Urban Planning Department. The Town of Rosemère’s urban planning by-laws are available upon request by telephone at 450 621-3500, ext. 1238, or by email at:

Field of application and general rule

The standards set forth in this sub-section apply to all new constructions and any new occupancy of a building. In the case of the expansion of a use or building, these standards apply only to the expansion.

The standards set forth in this sub-section have a ongoing mandatory nature and prevail as long as the use or construction remains.

Location of off-street parking areas

Off-street parking areas must be located on the same property as the use for which the permit is requested.

An off-street parking area must not be located less than 1 metre from the front property line. The parking area must also be located at least 1 metre from other property lines. This one (1) metre strip must be landscaped with natural grass, shrubs and/or a hedge.

The off-street parking area must not be located in the part of the front yard facing the front wall of the main building. Notwithstanding his measure, an encroachment into the part of the main building’s front yard is authorized when it faces the entrance to an indoor garage. In addition, for each unit in a complex of attached single-family homes, duplexes or triplexes, with the exception of units located at the ends of these complexes, an encroachment not exceeding half the width of a unit’s front wall is authorized. Accesses must be perpendicular to the front line with each two (2) units joined. In the case of a multi-family complex, the off-street parking must be located at the rear of the building.

Not with standing this measure, for single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes, a parking area’s encroachment on the front of the building is permitted to a maximum width of 2 metres.

Shared parking area

An authorized off-street parking area can also be shared, in compliance with the standards set forth in this section.

Distance of the off-street parking area from a residential building

An off-street parking area must not be located less than 2 metres from the front wall of a semi-detached single-family home, duplex or multi-family dwelling.

Construction of an off-street parking area

Off-street parking areas must be built as follows:

  • The off-street parking area and access lanes must be paved or otherwise covered to prevent the lifting of dust or the formation of mud. The construction of more ecological parking areas, including the installation of driving lanes, structural grass and permeable pavers is authorized if the installation is carried out by the book, in compliance with recognized standards. Non-decorative ¾” gravel or similar is specifically prohibited.

Required number of parking stalls

The minimum number of off-street parking stalls required for each type of "Housing (H)” usage classes is 1.5 stall per housing unit.


Number of driveways

The number of driveways is limited to two (2), even if the lot is bounded by more than one public road.

Minimum distance from an intersection

A driveway must not be located less than 6 metres from the intersection of two streets with a 15-metre right-of-way and less than 7.5 metres from the intersection of two streets, one of which has a right-of-way of 20 metres or more, or from a road under provincial jurisdiction.

Minimum distance from a side property line

A driveway must be located at least 1 metre from the side property line. This one (1) metre strip must be landscaped with natural grass, shrubs and/or a hedge.

Minimum distance between driveways on the same property

There must be a minimum distance of 6 metres between driveways on the same property.

Slope of driveways

The slope of a driveway must not be less than 1% nor greater than 10%. The slope must not start less than 1 metre from the street line.

Driveways must be built so as to allow surface water to run towards public systems designed for this purpose.

Width of driveways

The maximum width of driveways for residential use is 7.5 metres.

Semi-circular driveways

Semi-circular driveways are permitted under the following conditions:

  • A corner or angled lot
    A semi-circular driveway on a corner or angled lot can only be built on one side of the lot.

  • Minimum space between driveway entrances
    The minimum space between a circular driveway’s entrances is 6 metres and a storm ditch must be built between the entrances. The 6-metre space between the two (2) entrances must be landscaped with a minimum of greenery and natural grass.

  • Width of the driveway
    The minimum width of a semi-circular driveway is 7.5 metres.