Patios are authorized only in secondary front yards side yards and backyards.

The total surface area of accessory buildings and structures must not exceed 20% of the lot’s surface area. Accessory buildings and structures included in this percentage are: detached garages, sheds, pools, porches, balconies, hot tubs, sidewalk around the pool, gazebos, pergolas, arbours and private greenhouses (does not include walkways, driveways and the walkway at the building’s entrance).


Patios are authorized, as accessory structures, in all "Housing (H)" usage classes.

Maximum surface area

Patios made of concrete, wood or other materials must occupy less than 10% of the lot’s surface area.


A patio’s side and rear setbacks is established at a minimum of 1 metre.The minimum required side setback does not apply to shared properties for duplexes, row housing, and/or comprehensive developments. A patio built in a secondary front yard must be positioned 2 metres from the property line of the secondary front yard.