Provincial By-law on Residential Swimming Pool Safety

New Provincial Regulation on Home Pool Safety

Coming into effect October 1, 2025

What you need to know

As part of its commitment to protect young children from drowning, the Quebec government has rolled out a new campaign (Cet été, je sécurise ma piscine) to raise public awareness about the importance of pool safety and compliance with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation, which will come into effect on October 1, 2025.

This by-law applies to all home swimming pools in Quebec, regardless of when they were installed. Note that owners of pools installed before November 1, 2010, and who benefited from an exemption, now have until September 30, 2025* to bring their installations into compliance.

Join us in making sure all backyard swimming pools are safe for everyone!

Pools impacted by the regulation

The new regulation applies to all outdoor residential pools with a depth of 60cm (24”) or more, regardless of whether they are inground, semi-inground, aboveground or portable (inflatable or otherwise), as well as spas with a capacity of over 2,000 liters.

Several considerations must be taken into account when determining whether your pool and the area around it comply with the regulation and are safe for young children. These include the enclosure around the pool, how access is controlled, how any pool equipment is set up, the layout of the surrounding area, the features of the diving board if there is one and any applicable zoning standards.

Is your pool up to code? Please refer to the following to find out:

o Summary of the legal requirements applicable to residential pool owners*

o Illustrated guidelines prepared by the provincial government (in French)

o Zoning by-law 801 (chapter 5: articles 84, 85, 133 to 135.1)

*The English version was translated and adapted by the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux from the texts of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation. Used with their kind permission.

The Urban Planning Department is here to help!

Feel free to reach out to the Urban Planning team if you have any questions or to get the permit application process underway.

Write to them at or call them at 450-621-3500, ext.1238.

Applications can also be filed online.

Remember that permits are required to:

• Build, install or replace a swimming pool

• Install a diving board

• Construct an enclosure or a fence or a platform or patio that opens onto a swimming pool.

Plan ahead

You’ll need a permit for any construction or renovation you do on your property. We recommend you get a head start on the paperwork to make sure you have what you need to begin. Processing times for permits vary depending on what is involved.

On average, it takes 30 days to obtain a permit. The more complex the project, the longer this can be.

After that, you’ll need to set aside enough time for the work itself.


No. The new provincial regulation applies to all residential swimming pools, without exception, even those installed prior to November 1, 2010.

The provisions in the regulation apply to all outdoor residential swimming pools with a depth of 60cm (24”) or more, regardless of whether they are aboveground, inground or portable (inflatable or otherwise), as well as spas with a capacity of over 2,000 liters.

Compliance with these provisions is vital to keeping young children safe.

Have a closer look at the detailed documentation provided above.

You can also contact Rosemère’s Urban Planning Department for more information at or call them at 450-621-3500, ext.1238.

The Town of Rosemère is committed to protecting the public and safeguarding our children. Starting October 1, 2025, fines will be applicable to homeowners with a pool that does not comply with the safety standards set out in the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation.

Start by finding out which standards apply.

Then submit your application to the Town with the required paperwork:

· Plan showing all of the accessory structures on the property* (the total area of which cannot exceed 20% of the property)

· Detailed description of the work to be carried out (including the installation of the pool and all related equipment, structures and enclosures)

· Proposed layout plan*

· Certificate of location*

· Drawing showing all the trees within a 5metre (16.4’) radius of the work to be done or machinery to be used*

· Tree cutting permit application (if required)

· Pictures of the courtyard and the front of the house.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the document is mandatory.


· Pay the application fee

· Wait for the permit to be issued

· Proceed with the work once approved.

Note that the Urban Planning Department will do an inspection to validate compliance with the permit and regulatory standards.

Municipal administrations are responsible for:

  •  Informing homeowners of the applicable provisions
  •  Issuing permits for any installation work
  •  Inspecting all residential swimming pools within their jurisdiction.

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