September 27 2018

Strategic reflection on the future of Rosemère: Public Consultation Report Now Available

Strategic reflection on the future of Rosemère: Public Consultation Report Now Available

Rosemère, September 27, 2018 – The Town of Rosemère is proud to publish the report on the public consultation held on the development of its vision for the future: "Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town".

Last spring, the Town of Rosemère initiated a participatory process (survey, public consultation, meetings, etc.) so that Rosemère residents could express their opinions on the statement of its new strategic vision, "Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town", and its impact on the sectors of urban planning, infrastructure/equipment and services to residents.

"As this new strategic vision will guide Rosemère's development, it was important for us to work together with the residents and hear their views and concerns on the future of their city. We want the Rosemère of tomorrow to well reflect their expectations. In the interest of complete transparency, we are therefore making the results of this consultation available today," stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

According to the report, prepared by Convercité, the highlights of all the discussions can be summarized in 10 points. Rosemère's future should be based on:

1. A town planning vision that respects Rosemère's country-style identity, which focuses on protecting existing assets, innovation and sustainable development

2. Projects, investments and actions that are justified by a strong knowledge of needs and that are reasonable

3. Major development projects that are carefully considered collectively and whose impacts are clearly recognized

4. Comprehensive consideration of all forms of mobility

5. A change of function for Labelle Boulevard in a mixed and attractive area, a renewed showcase, a place that both belongs to the residents and attracts visitors

6. A spirit of community that emphasizes an intergenerational perspective and continues to consolidate its heart on Grande-Côte Boulevard

7. Close relations between the Town and its stakeholders with regard to the development of major projects and financial decision-making

8. Quality architecture and relatively uniform, harmonious architectural ensembles

9. Sustainable infrastructure and quality community facilities

10. A humane and diversified approach toward services offered to residents

In the coming months, the Town will continue its strategic reflection process and will initially focus on its town planning vision. In this regard, further public consultations will be organized.

Full strategic vision statement

A proud town that cultivates a feeling of belonging among residents of all generations by offering an outstanding quality of life; a green town that protects its environment, showcases its country charm, and adopts innovative sustainable development practices; a prosperous town that offers a framework fostering the vitality of its community while promoting its economic and social outreach.

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