Citizen Participation

Public information and discussion meeting on the 2019 fiscal framework

The Town of Rosemère is inviting all residents to take part in a public information and discussion meeting on the budget 2019. This meeting will take place October 24, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m., at the Community Centre, 202 Grande-Côte Road. Residents wanting to take part in this public evening information session are asked to register by email ( or by phone (450-621-3500 ext: 1219) no later than October 23, 2018. The number of places is limited.

"In keeping with our approach of proximity and transparency, the Town Councillors and I would like to inform residents about the fiscal parameters that will guide the 2019 budget," mentioned Mayor Eric Westram.More information on the Town's financial position is available on the Town's website. Residents who are unable to attend the information and discussion meeting may send their comments by email (

Strategic reflection on Rosemère's future

The Town of Rosemère is proud to publish the report on the public consultation held on the development of its vision for the future: "Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town".

Last spring, the Town of Rosemère initiated a participatory process (survey, public consultation, meetings, etc.) so that Rosemère residents could express their opinions on the statement of its new strategic vision, "Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town", and its impact on the sectors of urban planning, infrastructure/equipment and services to residents.

Consult the Public Consultation Report

Rosemère, May 17, 2018 – The Town of Rosemère invites its population to take part, in large numbers, in the consultative measure on its new strategic vision statement, “Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town”. The public consultation will also deal with the influence of this vision on the sectors of town planning, of infrastructure/equipment and of services to citizens. Through this process, the Town seeks to obtain its citizens’ opinion on the new strategic vision that will guide Rosemère’s development.

The Westram administration has infused a new leadership style, both in-house and with the Town’s residents. For mayor Westram, this has involved working in conjunction with the Town’s personnel as well as its population, to establish a town that meets its residents’ highest expectations while respecting their ability to pay, and provides its employees with a sound and stimulating working environment.

“Since we base our decisions on principles of proximity, attentiveness, dialogue, respect and transparency, we first consulted our employees, who provide our residents with quality services on a daily basis. Now, we are preparing to consult Rosemerites along with the community and business partners who create and contribute to the vitality of our living environment. We are quite proud of this collective consultation process, which will define the Rosemère of tomorrow, particularly since it is the first concrete measure implemented in keeping with the new Citizen Participation Policy, which was adopted on May 14,” stated mayor Eric Westram.

In order to obtain the opinion of the largest number of residents, the Town has planned different measures:

  1. Online survey from May 21 to 31, the duration of which is estimated at about fifteen minutes.
  2. Public dialogue sessions with citizens on June 13 at 6:30 p.m. or on June 16 at 1 p.m. at the Community Centre.
  3. Meeting with a focus group which will be constituted randomly of 8 to 10 participants from online survey respondents who indicated an interest in taking part in a focus group. Its purpose is to obtain a more in-depth opinion of citizens with regards to the strategic vision.
  4. Meeting, by invitation, with representatives of community and business groups scheduled in June.

Results of these consultative exercises will then be analyzed, summarized and disseminated to residents.

Full strategic vision statement
A proud town that cultivates a feeling of belonging among residents of all generations by offering an outstanding quality of life; a green town that protects its environment, showcases its country charm, and adopts innovative sustainable development practices; a prosperous town that offers a framework fostering the vitality of its community while promoting its economic and social outreach.


Through on online survey, May 10-27, Rosemerites were asked to express their views on various issues related to the upcoming legalization of marijuana by the federal government. This survey will help the Town gauge residents’ concerns and determine their social acceptance of this issue. 

"This civic participation process is a necessary step in the upcoming implementation of the new bylaw, so as to give residents an opportunity to express their opinions on this matter and to provide us with food for thought in this regard. Of course, this process will be carried out in harmony with our approach of proximity and transparency with our residents, in order to develop a bylaw that meets the needs identified by the population in the survey," explained Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

As for the legalization of marijuana, the Town wants to mention, as a reminder, that this decision does not come under municipal jurisdiction. "The bylaw will regulate consumption on our Town’s territory, but is not intended to determine its legalization; that decision comes under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The online survey is therefore not a forum for debate on the legalization of marijuana, but rather a means of helping us establish our own bylaw in the proper way, according to residents’ wishes," added the Mayor in his closing remarks.

Following this survey, the Town will make the findings of the survey public and will then proceed with drafting the bylaw in order to submit and adopt it this summer.

The Town of Rosemère would moreover like to thank the Town of Saint-Jérôme for its collaboration in the development of the survey questionnaire.


May, 2018

  • At the meeting of May 14, 2018, the municipal council adopted the Citizen Participation Policy. Click here to read the Policy.

September, 2017

  • September 19 – Tabling, by the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM), of the report on the consultation leading to the development of the citizen participation policy. The report is available on the left-side of this page.

  • September 19 – Meeting of the committee entrusted with the validation/enhancement of the policy project – a committee consisting of six citizens, one representative of the business community and two municipal employees. The six citizens on the committee were selected by random draw from the ranks of those who expressed an interest in sitting on the committee and are representative of the Rosemère population.

August, 2017

  • August 16-23 – Telephone survey developed by a specialized firm and administered to a representative sampling (301 residents) of Rosemère’s adult population between August 16 and 23, 2017.
  • August 19 – iPad survey administered to young families at Rosemère’s Citizens Day.

July, 2017

  • July 17 – Meeting with employees of the Town of Rosemère
  • July 17 – Meeting with elected officials of the Town of Rosemère

June, 2017

  • June 8 and 13 – Three citizen coffee klatches (seniors, youths and general public)
  • June 28 – Consultation meeting with targeted stakeholders (business and community sectors)
  • May 31 to June 22 – Opinion survey on the Town’s website

May, 2017

  • May 30 – Public unveiling of the process and an informative document

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