Alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Alcohol / drug intoxication in public places

It is prohibited, on the territory of Rosemère, to be found intoxicated from alcohol or under the influence of drugs in a public place.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in a public place

It is prohibited to consume or have an alcoholic beverage in one's possession in a public place, except at the site of an event that has obtained prior authorization from the Town as well as a permit issued by the responsible government entity.


Smoking or the use of tobacco is prohibited in public places identified in annexe A of Bylaw 794, "Qualité de vie" ("Quality of life").


It is prohibited to consume marijuana throughout the Town’s territory, with the exception of private residences as well as within the limits of the properties on which these stand.

The zoning by-law provide that if the "Société québécoise du cannabis" send a request to the Town for the establishment of a future point of sale, this establishment would be located in the northwest corner of the Town (zone C-139).

zoning map