Pick-up sectors and calendar

Since September 12, 2016, the management of residual waste has involved three main collections: brown bin (organic waste), blue bin (recycling) and grey bin (domestic waste). Special pick-ups will also be held throughout the year for large items, branches and natural Christmas trees.

To help you integrate the different pick-ups in your daily life, the following table summarizes what is accepted and refused by each of the three main waste collections.

  • Organic waste (brown bin) is picked up every Monday in all sectors.
  • Domestic waste (grey bin) and recycling (blue bin) are picked up on alternate weeks, from Tuesday to Friday depending on the sector (1, 2, 3 or 4).
Pick-up Other pick-up points Specifications
Organic waste
Food scraps and other compostable materials
Green waste
Leaves, yard waste, grass clippings
Brown bin and ecocentre Put green waste directly into the brown bin or in a reusable container identified by a sticker provided by the Town.
Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass
Ecocentre Nothing should be placed outside the bin and the lid must be closed. Position its wheels toward your property.
Domestic waste
Ultimate waste, without the possibility of recycling.
None Nothing should be placed outside of the bin and the lid must be closed. Position its wheels toward your property.
Cumbersome items
Mattresses, armchairs, furniture, chairs, etc.
Ecocentre The collection of cumbersome items is the second Monday of each month.
Branches None April to November, the collection of branches is the third Monday of each month. Place the large end of branches on the street side.
Cedar clippings Ecocentre The company Arbressence will pick up cedar clippings free of charge. Just call them at 450 434-7512 or visit arbressence.ca.

To find out about your pick-up area, see the "Sectors of pick-ups map" in the documents to be downloaded on the left.

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